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Are you searching for the best destination that combines high quality of living and pleasure? Well you’ve just found it! Cyprus is the perfect country to visit, live in, invest and do business. Many foreigners choose Cyprus for its geographical location, which makes Cyprus an attractive EU country destination for all kinds of business and investments, for its growing tourism market, for its tax benefits, tax exemptions for foreigners, for its highly educated service providers and for the mild weather conditions and most definitely for the high quality of living and the excellent medical care system. And last buy not least, for the luxuries, comfort and the lustrous lifestyle it offers to its visitors and investors.

There are several types of visas and permits.  Our team has extensive experience in advising individuals in immigration matters and we will advise you on the best option according to your case.

Non-EU immigration to Cyprus – Types of Visas and Permits


a) Short stay visa

For those intending to visit Cyprus for holidays or business for a period not exceeding 3 months, they have to apply for a short-stay visa. This visa can be issued as single-entry or multiple-entry. If you plan on travelling to Cyprus more frequently, you may apply for a 1-year multiple-entry visa, however the total stay within that period may not exceed 3 months.


b) Temporary residence permits

For those intending to stay in Cyprus long-term, without taking up employment, they have to apply for a special temporary permit. This permit is commonly referred to as the “Pink Slip” and is usually issued for a period of 1-2 years. This permit may be extended for an additional 1 to 2 year period if required.

Individuals who are eligible to apply include:

  • Individuals who wish to extend their short stay visa and remain in Cyprus for longer than three months. They are required to have sufficient income from abroad to cover their living expenses.
  • Individuals who have a son or daughter-in-law who resides on the island and is an EU citizen.
  • Individuals who are non-EU citizens married to an EU citizen.
  • The child of a non-EU citizen who is married to an EU citizen who is under the age of 18.


Categories of this kind of permit include:

  • Visitor visa
  • Student visa
  • Employment visa
  • Immigration Permits

Immigration permits are suitable for those who wish to be employed at a Cyprus company or to become self employed in Cyprus or already have a source of secure annual income without the need to secure employment or engage in any business in Cyprus. The individuals should meet the criteria of the specific category that such person would fall into, as they are provided by the Cyprus legislation and immigration regulations. Our immigration experts will advise you as to what criteria you fulfil based on your case.


c) Permanent Residence Permits (6.2)

For those intending to apply for permanent residency in Cyprus. There are several requirements that should be fulfilled in order to obtain a permanent residence permit. These are as follows:

  • Proof of a secured income of €30.000, which must be derived from sources abroad. This may include overseas employment income, dividends, pensions, etc.
  • Should the applicant require permits for his dependents i.e. spouse, children under the age of 18, unmarried financially dependent children aged 18 to 25, parents and parents-in-law, he/she should proof a secured income of €8.000 for each dependent parent and €5.000 for each dependent person, in addition to the €30.000 annual income requirement.
  • Purchase of a personal immovable property with a minimum value of €300.000 + VAT. At the time of application, the applicant must be able to provide a contract of sale or a title deed (approved by the Department of Lands and Surveys) and submit proof of payment for at least €200.000 (excluding VAT) in respect of the purchased property.
  • Statement confirming that there is no intention to be employed in Cyprus
  • Required to visit Cyprus once every two years at least
  • The applicant must deposit €30.000 and submit a confirmation letter from a Cyprus Banking Institution as proof of the above. Note that the deposited amount will be pledged for a minimum period of three years.
  • Clean criminal record

The application will be reviewed by the Ministry of the Interior and the Civil Registry and Migration Department and will be granted within a 2 month period if the applicant meets all criteria.



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