Cyprus is one of the safest countries to visit during Covid-19 pandemic

Cyprus was one of the few countries to take immediate measures to help minimise the virus COVID-19 which caused a pandemic. The President of Cyprus took immediate legal measures to ensure the safety of the local residents but at the same time the most essential services were fully operational throughout the crisis.  The airport, after two and a half months, had the first flight arrivals on the 9th of June. Cyprus has guaranteed travellers that if one is positive to the corona virus, the medical bill will be covered. There will be a protocol of checking the traveller’s temperature and randomly testing traveller’s blood for the virus (free of charge). Any investors, visitors or residents can be reassured that the safety measures are taken seriously and that the risk of spreading the virus within the country has been minimised. 



Based on the Hong Kong venture capital group DKG’s research, Cyprus is in the top countries who reacted efficiently to the outbreak of the pandemic. There was monitoring, detection, government management efficiency and emergency treatment readiness. Cyprus is included in the top safest countries to visit.

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