Corporate Services

Here at Elias Christofi and Co Ltd, we offer an honest and client-orientated approach, which relies on effective communication. With constant changes in the company formation market, when setting up a business things may not go according to plan.

We have a very straightforward attitude to making the whole process as stress free as possible for you; communication and attention to detail being the key to achieving this. As a one-stop shop service provider, we are able to offer all services associated with your business, from initial consultation through to finding offices, obtaining any necessary licenses. Please read through the areas in our website to see the services we offer.

Elias Christofi and Co Ltd is a leading international company formation and corporate service providers. Whether you are looking to expand your business into a new geographical area or minimise your corporate tax obligations by incorporating in a tax efficient jurisdiction, we are here to help.

Our formation services relate to:

  • Cyprus Companies
  • Offshore Jurisdiction Companies
  • Company re-domiciliation
  • CIF company registration

Nominee Director, Nominee Secretary and Nominee Shareholder Services

Secretarial Services

Provision of Registered Office

Preparation of minutes of Directors and Shareholders’ meetings

Management consultancy

Maintenance of statutory records of companies


Cyprus Investment Firms

Offshore Licencing

Conducting Company searches at the office of the Registrar of Companies

Completion and submission of company returns and other forms and notifications to the Registrar of Companies

Staff recruitment services

Provision of website creation services through our IT associates who are qualified computer software and hardware consultants

Preparation of feasibility studies and investment appraisal

Every company must submit an ‘annual return’ to the Companies House. An annual return is a summary of certain company information on a yearly basis, based on the date of the limited company’s incorporation. It is a separate document from a company’s annual accounts. We provide this service as part of our accounting services to our clients.

From 30 June 2016 the ‘annual return’ is replaced by the ‘confirmation statement’. Every company must confirm its status and the information that is held in respect of their company by submitting a confirmation statement to the companies house. At Elias Christofi & Co. Ltd we take responsibility, ensuring the delivery of the ‘confirmation statement’ to Companies House within 28 days after a year of the last annual return submission or according to the regulations.

Over the past few years the process of opening a personal bank account in Cyprus has changed. The directions of the Central Bank of Cyprus have recently made the process more demanding due to amendments to money laundering regulations and laws.

Non-residents and local and foreign companies can open a Cyprus bank account if they prepare the necessary documents appropriately.

We have experienced staff specialising in banking services:

  • Opening a bank account in Cyprus within a short frame of time
  • Opening a bank account in Cyprus and formation of a Cyprus company
  • Preparation and guidance on required documents for opening a bank account in Cyprus
  • Preparation and guidance on required documents for opening a bank account and Cyprus residency / Cyprus tax residency consultation on a case by case basis

We offer a selection and opening of bank accounts in all Cyprus banks and other EU and non-EU banks major banks through our bank introducer scheme:

Selection and opening of bank accounts in all major banks:

  • Internet Banking
  • Cards
  • Loans and Credit Facilities
  • Letters of Credit
  • Bank Secrecy
  • Bank Account management
  • Assistance with closing all the operations of a bank account

The required documents to open a bank account in Cyprus are:

For a Personal Bank Account

  • A copy of one’s passport
  • Utility bill for proof of address (not older than 3 months)
  • Reference letter from a bank/financial institution (not older than 3 months)
  • A detailed CV
  • Documents and information about one’s annual income (e.g tax declaration, payslips)
  • Documents and information about the value and source of one’s wealth

For a Business bank account

  • A recently dated Certificate of Incumbency and a Letter of Good Standing from its official registrar
  • A description of the company’s activities and the address of the company
  • The Certificate of Registration of the company
  • The Certificate of Directors and Secretary
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Documents that show the corporate structure of the legal entity up to the UBO must be provided and presented clearly
  • Recent Annual Audited Financial Statements &/or Management Accounts
  • Management Accounts and/or Audited Financial Statements of recent years
  • Documents and information with regard to the source of funds
  • A Bank reference letter and a letter of Good Standing (not older than 3 months)
  • The owners of the company are required to submit all the documents that are required for a personal bank account
  • All documents must be in English. If any of the documents are not in English, then they must be translated.

In order to establish a company’s presence in Cyprus the following criteria must be met:

  • Own or rent an office space
  • The business activities must be mainly carried out in Cyprus
  • Τhe company must employ staff for its administrative management
  • There must be have a telephone and fax line in the name of the company
  • The accounting records must be kept in Cyprus
  • A local bank account is recommended
  • A company email address and a website is recommended

Elias Christofi & Co. Ltd offers a selection of solutions for establishing your company in Cyprus successfully.

What we offer:

  • Monthly bill which show your running costs
  • Fully equipped and furnished office space
  • A private functional work-space
  • Specialist support
  • Conference facilities
  • Receptionist
  • Local phone number that will be answered in your company’s name and voicemail
  • Wi-Fi network, Wi-Fi for guests
  • Printing, photocopy and fax facilities
  • Mail collection which will be held or forwarded accordingly
  • Automatic email forwarding
  • Administrative support
  • Courier services
  • Utilities (water, electricity etc.)
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Office cleaning
  • Air-conditioned office space

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Re-domiciliation is when a foreign company relocates from the country in which it is originally resident or was incorporated, to another jurisdiction, so they can gain the benefits and advantages of that specific jurisdiction they relocate. In short this means that you will transfer your registered office address to another jurisdiction and continue its legal existence under the laws of that country. There are a few countries that allow this, but the most attractive jurisdiction for this is Cyprus as it has the lowest corporate rate in Europe! Cyprus has provisions that allow a foreign company to legally re-domicile while maintaining the same legal ID and the best part is that you do not have to liquidate your company in order to transfer the legal status of it. The company gets to keep its legal identity and must only transfer its portfolio assets.

So now all that is left is to enjoy the benefits Cyprus has to offer which are:

Foreign companies re-domiciled in Cyprus and become tax residents can benefit from the low corporate tax which is only 12.5%

0% tax (under the fulfillment of certain criteria) for: Dividend income, interest income, profits from a permanent establishment maintained outside Cyprus, royalties received by a connected company registered in the EU, etc.

Extensive network of double tax treaties (60+ DTT)

Double tax relief irrespective of the existence of a tax treaty

There is no requirement to incorporate the company anew

0% tax on the dividend distributions upon the liquidation of a Cypriot company

Please ask us for our designated booklet on the tax benefits of incorporating a company in Cyprus.

The process

If you have a foreign company registered in a country which allows re-domicile and the Memorandum and Articles of Association makes it possible to re-domicile your company, then you can apply to the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus to be registered as a continuing company in Cyprus. The company needs to appoint a local approved representative / director to deal with the re‐domiciliation process in Cyprus. This is quite a straight forward procedure in Cyprus and our experts can assist you with this in a fast and efficient manner. The Registrar of Companies will approve the company re-domiciliation, if there are no objections filed by a creditor, after three months from the date of the application.

What we can do for you…

Prepare an application for re‐domiciliation and list the accompanying documents required to be filed with the application.       

File an affidavit as representatives to confirm specific information concerning the company.

Tax consulting & structuring based on your individual case and assess whether your business further qualifies to benefit from a specific tax scheme in Cyprus in order to lower tax liability.

Our services cover various jurisdictions throughout the world, including Cyprus, Greece, UK, Bulgaria, Hungary, Hong Kong, BVI, Belize, Seychelles. Click here to find out more about each jurisdiction.


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